Sustainable Home Design - Eco Abode

About Us

Our Approach to Sustainable Homes

Eco Abode is a design collaboration based in Perth, Western Australia

The passion and philosophy that drives this Design Firm/ practice stems from expanding the role of the designer. We love building relationships with our clients and consider their needs.

Your home would be designed with philosophies that most design practices only barely consider. We have to think about you ‘Today and Tomorrow’.


Mission Statement

An average Australian Household uses 40% of its household Energy on heating and cooling throughout the year. (Yourhome -5th Edition)

At ECO ABODE we believe that designing and building is all about creating a lifelong and positive effect on our surroundings and Earth.


Sustainable Building Approach

Our homes cover all budgets and all styles of living, but they’re all linked by a common theme: bright, light-filled spaces, great, practical liveability, and stylish contemporary appeal.

We work enthusiastically, creatively and curiously, because we believe that these are essential elements to the development of great solutions for a constantly changing World. We constantly participate and liaise with experts in various fields to secure the best design solution possible for you.

Our role is to understand what your personal vision is and what your needs are. We want to design something that’s packed full of your character.  Therefore when we design your home we will design a home that you and your family will love to live in. We value our relationships and it is very important to us that you enjoy the building process. You will be heard and it is our job to make sure you are happy.


Eco-Difference – Sustainable Architecture

Eco does not have to be expensive for your pocket. It is all about Your Homes Environmental Position. The footprint Your Home will leave on Mother Earth. The Eco-Solution contributes to Your Home.

As part of our focus on sustainability, we believe we have a responsibility to reduce the environmental impact on the earth. We adopt best practice in the built environment, and sustainability is paramount across all areas of our Eco home building and design.

Homes can serve as a bridge between nature and people, hence we believe in Solar Passive Design.

Considering the philosophies of ‘good passive design’ your home will be unbelievably comfortable to live in, saving big money on energy bills and reduce on greenhouse gas emissions. Your home will effectively ‘lock in’ thermal comfort, low heating and cooling bills, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions for the lifespan of your home. Imagine not having to have your heater on all the time during winter or the air conditioning during summer!

Passive design considerations influence the initial orientation of your home to capture sea breezes, the sun in winter and shade in summer and is closely related to the selection and design of the landscaping.  We choose materials for their enduring quality and we like to seamlessly integrate renewable energies including water collection, waste treatment and solar power. Sustainable architecture will save money and create a more comfortable place to live.

This philosophy helps you now and saves you more in the future.


Adaptable Solutions

Your home is elegantly designed for you. Your dreams and your family’s requirements now and in the years to come. Your home will ensure family members of all ages and abilities can live in or visit with comfort.

Your Home will be designed so that it is universally accessible, usable and effective for everyone, to the greatest extent possible without the need for adaptation or specialised design. Your universally designed home will look the same as other houses and most of the design features can be incorporated for no or little additional cost with thoughtful design.

The design needs to consider not only materials and hardware but everything concerning the building. Every element in the design has to be considered from the driveway leading up to the residence, to the power points. Some considerations need to be accommodated now and others may need to be accommodated for future installations. Adaptability can be a subtle and elegant thing, it doesn’t have to be obvious.

Sometimes we don’t have the means to build another home to accommodate the different stages of life. For example, we may be designing for trans-generational living, looking at your changing needs with young kids through to teenagers, and empty-nesters looking forward to their retirement and grandchildren.  You could be looking for self-control for when you age and want to retain your independence. So we would look at catering for self-care and in-house nursing care, and plan things so they are always accessible.

Adapting this philosophy now helps you save more in the future.