Our Process for Building Eco Sustainable Homes

The services we provide are

Initial Consultation

This is an obligation free meeting. It is all about getting to know you and building our relationship.

Feasiblity Study

Once the decision has been made to continue, we start sketching our ideas on the drawing board. An initial site visit will be organised, council guidelines will be scrutinized and the residential design codes will be checked and considered as they may affect what we decide to build.


We will have another meeting to discuss these findings and design your home/ renovation/ extension. This is where we will discuss the size of the build – rooms, living areas and their layouts. We would discuss what the most important objectives of your build are and also discuss the eco value of the home and how to incorporate it into the design.


Once the core design of your home is ready, we tender out the build to a select group of builders. These builders will then cost the build and prepare a quotation for us to compare them.

Characterizing your Home

Once the preferred builder has been selected and their PPA (Preparation of Plans Agreement) has been signed we will start developing the finer details of the residence. Together we will design the interior layouts of the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and the outdoor living areas. These areas are what will define you. We may need to leave walls and spaces free for you to fill with your favourite furniture. Maybe you have gone on a holiday and found something special, or you may have inherited a special piece of furniture from a loved relative, we will design these spaces together. Tell your story!


We will deal with the council to ensure that they approve of your residence. We shall also liaise with the builder during preconstruction to ensure that your process with them is smooth.

Oversee Construction

As part of our service we can also oversee construction. We ensure the builder is building to the standards and specifications we have discussed previously. We can remain your point of contact to the builder and ensure that we will always remain up to date with your build. This way any hitches can be sorted out immediately with the builder.

Settling In

Now that your dream is complete, we will toast to the difference we have made to the planet and the new chapter in your life.

Eco Packages

We have your best interests at heart and hence we have created different packages to suit your needs

Eco Package 1

Initial Consultation, Feasibility Study, Design

Eco Package 2

Initial Consultation, Feasibility Study, Design, Tender

Eco Package 3

Initial Consultation, Feasibility Study, Design, Tender, Characterize

Eco Package 4

Initial Consultation, Feasibility Study, Design, Tender, Characterize, Approvals, Oversee Construction, Settling In.

Our Projects

Whether you are deciding to renovate an existing home or extending it, or build a new home or even build an investment portfolio we will cater for your needs.

Most of our designs focus on Eco Difference and Adaptable Solutions. Wherever possible we try to incorporate these fundamental values into our designs.

Extending or renovating

As your lifestyle changes (children growing older, needing more privacy, families grow larger) a big decision needs to be made – move to a larger home or extend the current one? Due to various reasons (such as schools, local sports, social lifestyles etc.) many decide to extend their current homes. We are here to help you design it to your requirements.

Building New

You have made a decision to build a new home instead of buying an existing house, we design individual homes to suit your lifestyle and needs.


Property is a solid asset. If you intend to purchase a property, to build on and rent or even to sell, a ‘My Eco Abode’ design will give you the edge due to its smart adaptable and Eco designs.