Our guidance and advice page for everything related to Sustainable home building. From Green new builds to Eco Renovations, guides for everything, from healthy interior finishes to eco landscaping.

6 Tips for a Successful Eco Extension and Renovation

The beginning of a successful extension and renovation is always your budget. Never under estimate the money and the time it takes to complete a project.

Bedroom, Living Room and Dining Room Green Renovations

When considering to renovate the bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms we should be considering various sustainable options.

Efficient Sustainable Home Design

An energy efficient and a high performing home can include features like solar panels, rain water tanks. But, these should not define the features of a green home. They are secondary and some of these features can be left out.

3 Step Guide to Renovating or Building a Sustainable Home

‘Should I tear down my current home and rebuild it or should I renovate and extend it?’

Zero VOC Paints and Finishes

Supporting Zero VOC paints and using natural paint is less dangerous to the environment. It is also better for the people who surrounded by it.

5 Reasons Shipping container Homes are NOT Sustainable

Shipping container homes are a very good idea when it comes to housing the poor and homeless. But what about the homes that are meant to last us a lifetime?

UNIVERSAL HOMES: House Designs and Floor Plans

Universal housing accommodates everyone. Universally designed homes can be minimally designed and easily made accessible later on.

UNIVERSAL HOMES: Adaptable Living Spaces

When designing the adaptable living spaces of your home, consider many accessible design features. These would include the needs of all family members and guests


An effective bathroom can only be designed when we can truly understand how an individual with disabilities uses the bathroom.


Kitchens are the heart and soul of the home. This is where the whole family congregates. Food nurtures the body, soul and the mind. Without food we cannot survive. 

UNIVERSAL HOMES: Fire Safety in Your Home

Fire safety plans are a must to include in all your homes. They don’t need to be complicated. The simplest plan is the best.