Frequently Asked Questions

How much will designing a Home by Eco Abode cost me?
Eco Abode offers an exclusive design and construction service depending on the package chosen. We have arranged our fees to keep them as cost effective for you as possible.
Does my budget matter to Eco Abode?
Budget is the most important entity to us. We would discuss your budget at the initial meeting and we will be candid with you about what you can build. We will also help you make choices throughout the process to limit costs. Throughout the process we will keep reviewing the budget against the brief.
Do you build the homes?
Once the core design of your home has been completed we will help you choose the builder which will best fit your criteria. We will be happy to give our recommendations and respect the choice that’s going to work for you.
Why build with Eco Abode?
Your home will be an individually designed home for you to your requirements and most importantly to the budget set, unlike builders we don’t have a set of plans that you can choose from.
Does an ‘Eco Home’ cost more to build?
An ‘Eco Home’ is very Economical to run, more comfortable and easier to maintain. A Solar Passive Design will not cost you extra to build but there can be additional costs depending upon technologies added to the home. However a Solar Passive Home does not need mechanical heating and cooling. The advantage of building an ‘Eco Home’ is in the unending savings of reduced costs running the home.
Tell me more about environmental sustainability and passive design?
In a nutshell Passive design considerations affect the primary orientation of your home to capture the sun in winter and shade in summer and the sea breezes. We like to effortlessly incorporate renewable energies including water collection, waste treatment and solar power to the home.
Can I lead a sustainable lifestyle?
To be fully sustainable takes a lot of work and you will need to school yourself. Most of us would be happy to live in a solar passive home that was comfortable, and a home that is self-sufficient for rainwater and power as well as recycling as much as possible. These are very achievable goals for anyone building a new home or renovating.
Can I afford to become sustainable?
As soon as the words Eco, Sustainable and Energy Efficient are cited people instantly think it’s expensive. If your home is orientated correctly you will use less energy in cooling, heating and lighting. If you are renovating these key aspects need to be looked at before you start spending money on photovoltaic power cells or rainwater tanks. You do not need to add all these additional products at the beginning of the build. We can allow for these technologies to be installed at a later date.

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