Designing with Mother Earth in Mind

We need to respect and treasure what we have and our relationships to nature. We need to maintain and preserve the environment we live in. Globally we have so many environmental issues, and we need to address these.


Pollution is one of the biggest issues. There are many different types of pollution; noise, light, air, water, earth to name a few. These may arise from various sources but we as humans need to understand these and help in minimising the impact to the environment. Pollution not only effects the environment but it also has a negative impact on our health.


More than half of the world’s forests have been cut down. Deforestation accounts to a huge percentage of the global greenhouse emissions. Trees help us in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the air cutting them down increases the volume of these gases in the air. Many of our actions, like burning fossil fuels are increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the air. These then account in the increase in temperatures around the world.


We are running out of our natural resources. Oil and gas are non-renewable resources. We only have oil to last us for the next 40 to 50 years. The most important resource that we are running out of is Water. We would be able to replace oil but what will we drink in the future? (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/blog/2011/oct/31/six-natural-resources-population)


Trying to save the planet should not only be left to governments and corporate worlds but every single person needs to do their bit to take an active role in this. We can make a difference by the way we design our homes at Eco Abode and how you would live in them. To find out how we design our homes to make a difference to our planet, contact us at [email protected]