Designing with Mother Earth in Mind

The life of this planet depends on WATER! Nothing can survive without it. Food cannot grow without water, humans cannot survive without food or water. Water supports the immense diversity of life on Earth. ‘But fresh water, in turn, isn’t possible without a healthy planet — and human actions are putting a healthy planet at risk.’ (https://www.conservation.org/what/pages/fresh-water.aspx)


Without healthy water for drinking, cooking, fishing, and farming, the human race will die. Most of the world’s surface and groundwater is contaminated and severely compromised. Studies reveal the three major sources of water pollution are industries, agricultural land, and townships. These sources have been regularly discharging harmful materials into water supplies throughout the world over a number of years. These harmful materials included organic wastes, sediments, minerals, nutrients, thermal pollutants, toxic chemicals, and other hazardous substances. Most wastes require oxygen to decompose. When they get dumped into water they start depriving the aquatic lives off the oxygen they need to survive.


Excessive levels of nutrients, for example, nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizers causes the overgrowth of aquatic vegetation. Over time these nutrients accelerate the natural process of the vegetation and will start evolving into dry land. Thermal pollution of water also accelerates the biological processes, which reduces the water’s capability to keep the dissolved oxygen. This would hasten the growth of the aquatic vegetation again and it would also disrupt fish life.


Many major cities of the world are starting to face water shortages. Cape Town (South Africa) has almost reached its ‘dooms day’. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-04/cape-town-water-shortage-day-zero/9391540. Talk to a resident and they will teach you how to start saving water. Simple everyday actions like washing clothes and dishes now has a new system.


Start reusing all your water. Save your used water and reuse it to flush your toilets or even to water your garden. To learn more about how you can build your home to save and reuse your water contact us at [email protected].