Designing with Mother Earth in Mind

Our homes are one of the biggest investments we make in our lives. At Eco Abode we believe that whilst building our homes we want to be considerate to our environment because it is our children’s future. When we design a sustainable home for you we ask the following questions.

    • How many of us will be able to afford to build a second home in our life?
    • Wouldn’t it be great if your home would stay cool during summer without bothering about air conditioning?
    • Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could be warm and cozy in your home during winter without turning on the heater?
    • How will you get around your home if you’re injured?

These are some of the basic questions we think about when we design your home. The rest of the questions would be more personalized to the inhabitants of the home.


Many new homes these days don’t worry about any of these questions, when you go to a display home village you are talking to a sales representative who is out trying to get your business. He may even throw in a free ‘air-conditioner’ to make you think you are getting a very good deal but in reality that is terrible because you are still paying for that air-conditioner not only during the building process but afterwards through your utility bills too. A new home these days also has restricted access to some areas of the house. For example to use the WC (toilet) you have to squeeze through a tiny 620mm wide door. Utilities such as these are a necessity for every day use, not only once but a couple of times a day. Imagine being on crutches and having to squeeze yourself through this door every time you need to use the WC.


It doesn’t have to be this way! We all need to take a moment about how we want to live in our home, how we can design it to be comfortable. The great advantage of an ‘Eco Abode’ is that it regulates heating and cooling naturally, it has to make the best possible use of the site conditions, materials, sun and wind to make us comfortable in our home. Our basic necessities needed in our shelter.


Over the new few weeks our blog will be concentrating on the different aspects of design principles feauturing in our sustainable homes. How we consider the environment we are living in, the people who live in them and the future of the home as well. There are 2 parts to this series.

  1. Sustainable Homes Series
  2. Universal Access Series


We can all improve the quality of our life by building a Sustainable Home. To find out how we can design and build a sustainable home contact us at [email protected], or alternatively call us on 0401 510 595.