Designing with Mother Earth in Mind

Ecologists have long thought that growing human populations are a threat to the environment. But it turns out that sheer numbers of people may not be as important as how those people choose to live. (http://sciencenetlinks.com/science-news/science-updates/houses-and-environment/)


Have you ever thought about how much our homes impact our environment? Every home depends on a network of roads, pipes, ducts, wires, power stations, quarries and many other facilities.


Us as humans for our convenience also add extra impact on the environment. As the human population grows the number of households increase. Previously we used to stay together as extended families and now we are smaller, independent nuclear families. This means we need more living space, more energy, more materials and the list goes on.


Now think about Earth. The surface, the atmosphere is like a thin, fragile film around the planet. We might be insignificant in size to it but we are harming it with our actions. They might be trivial to us but together we are harming it. Our homes are degrading our Environment.


We should piece together this information, look at how we build our homes, the effects they have on our planet and understand and come up with different solutions to improve this situation. This will improve the quality of our life for now and the future. We also need to preserve the environmental balance.


We can all improve the quality of our life and preserve the environmental balance by building a Sustainable Home with solar passive design principles. To find out how we can design and build a sustainable home contact us at [email protected]