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Three Pillars of Sustainability - thwink.org


The 3 pillars of sustainability are foremost in understanding sustainability. The 3 pillars are economic, environmental and social pillars. If any one of the pillar is weak then the system as a whole can become unsustainable.


Economic Sustainability

Is about motivating businesses and organisations to observe and obey sustainability guidelines beyond their normal legislative requirements. It should also inspire the average person to do their bit wherever they can; one person rarely achieves much, but as a group we can go further.


Environmental Sustainability

Environmental protection is the second pillar and one of the primary concerns of the future of humanity. It expresses how we ought to be studying and protecting the ecosystems, quality of air, sustainability of our natural resources and focusing on the components that stress our environment.


Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability is about maintaining access to basic resources without compromising the quality of life. It is about educating and encouraging people to contribute in Environmental Sustainability and schooling them about the effects of Environmental protection.


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