Designing with Mother Earth in Mind

The objective of sustainability in communities is to build economies that are economically viable locally and environmentally sound. Accomplishing this objective involves contribution from the whole community. It needs to identify the issues and implement innovative and appropriate solutions.

There are many ways communities can provide Economic Sustainability

    • Agriculturally – Communities can help reserve land for growing food, encourage sustainable practices, support locally grown produce.


    • Forests – Trees are a significant part of the ecosystem. Established trees sustain the climate conditions and also shelter the wildlife living in them. Trees also have a huge economical value. We manufacture paper, build furniture and more. Communities need to consider how to balance the environmental conditions and the economic value of these forests.


    • Industries – Businesses and Industries should encourage minimal environmental impacts on the eco system. Small businesses can help sustain the local economy. Their procedures should maintain the local ecosystem, minimalize wastage, and use recycled products.


  • Technology – Advancement of Technology provides new opportunities for communities to help maintain the ecosystem. Energy conservation and sustainable development practices help in reducing energy costs and support our environment. These can have positive effects on our budgets. Many of these can be implemented with little or no up-front costs.


At Eco Abode we consider different aspects of economic sustainability into our homes. These range from building materials to solar panels. If you would like to learn more about incorporating economic sustainability features into your home please contact us at [email protected]