Designing with Mother Earth in Mind

Environmental protection is the primary concern of our future. Environmental sustainability is the control of the human interaction with the environment to avert the deterioration and degradation of the natural resources and support the environmental quality for the future. We need to ensure that our needs for today are met without tarnishing the ability of our future generations to meet theirs.


The air we breathe is polluted with fumes, rivers full of industrial waste and oceans are full of plastic, we must take care of our planet. Many communities and even individuals have recognised the damage that has and will be caused to our environment, animals and vegetation, it has only recently been acknowledged worldwide.


Taking care of our environments health is crucial to ensuring that we and our future generations go green and live healthy lives on a healthy planet. We should all be taking care of our environment. At home we can ensure that we use energy and water resourcefully and make sure our food comes from sustainable sources.


There are heaps of environmental projects around promoting sustainable living which we can participate in. Let’s try this one next month – plastic free July… for more information visit http://www.plasticfreejuly.org/

Our homes allow for the installation of solar panels,  grey water systems and more sustainable solutions. If you want to learn more about environmentally friendly homes, please contact us at [email protected]